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We bring decades of on the ground permaculture experience to our engrossing and participatory courses. Students gain hands on experience in plant propagation, water systems, waste management, tree crops, food processing, natural building, alternative energy systems, habitat enhancement, etc.

Our Permaculture courses give students "new eyes" with which to see the world through a filter of sustainable design. If you want a rich, juicy learning experience, then consider signing up.

Please note: We are transitioning to an online payment and registration system for 2018. The information below may change due to the logistics of using such a system. Stay tuned for an update.

In order to reserve your space in any of our courses a registration packet and non-refundable deposit or course tuition must be sent to us. We accept participants in the order of checks received. At this time we cannot accpet credit cards or paypal (although this may soon change). For courses with early registration discounts postmarks will be used to verify the date sent. For a course registration packet please contact us at

Note to Canadian folks: Due to banking issues on our end we are no longer able to accept Canadian dollars. All payments must be made in US dollars or they will be returned. We do not accept other currencies (pesos, euros, etc.).

While we welcome minors to participate in our courses we typically ask that they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Most of our courses (excluding the Youth Camp) are appropriate for mature young people 16 and older if they are truly interested in the subject matter and have an ernest desire to participate. We understand that maturity levels can vary widely for high schoolers, so in the right circumstances we can flex if your child wishes to take a course. If you feel that your child is mature enough to attend on their own please contact us with a letter telling us about your child (interests, maturity, past experiences away from home without parents, references, etc.) and we can have a discussion about it. Please also include your phone number so we can contact you if we have specific questions.

Cancellation Policy
If you need to cancel your registration for any reason here is how it works:

For courses requiring a deposit:

For courses requiring full payment upon registration:

If you need to cancel your registration at the last minute, but have someone who can take your place, we can often work this out with you. Let us know as far in advance as possible (so we can begin pre-course communications with your proxy).

Should any course be canceled from our end due to low enrollment, crisis, or other reasons a full refund will be provided for all registered participants.

Waiting List
If any of our courses fill up before your registration reaches us you will be added to our waiting list. Here is how our waiting list works.

We will hold your check until either:

  1. Someone cancels and we can admit you.
  2. You drop us a line and ask us to return your check because you are no longer available to take the course.

Of course, your deposit will be fully refundable so long as you're on the waiting list and haven't been admitted to the course.

In general, we will move through the wait list in order when someone cancels giving each person a day to respond. However, if we have a last minute cancellation we will call all folks on the wait list in rapid succession and the first person to say, "I'll be there!" will get the spot. Therefore, it is always possible that someone who is 9th on the list will be the one who gets in if we have a cancellation the day before the course starts and everyone else is busy. In other words the longer you remain available/flexible the better your chance of getting into the course.

Current Courses & Events

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