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  • Peak Moment 68: Take a tour with Joe, Doug and Sam Bullock on their Orcas Island homestead, site of a yearly Permaculture Design Course. Using nature as their model, they create edges and wildlife habitat, move water through the landscape, promote diversity, and raise an astonishing variety of plants from sub-arctic to tropical -- a wise investment in these climate-changing times.

  • Guild Planting: By organizing plantings into guilds where each plant included will provide benefits for the other plants, one can create incredibly productive food forests and help to establish perennial systems more quickly & efficiently.


  • Abundance Ecovillage: Douglas speaking on site potential at Abundance Ecovillage in Fairfield, Iowa - 2001 (MP3, 25 min, 22.3 MB)
  • Iowa Ecofair: Douglas speaking on food and nutrition in Fairfield, Iowa - 2006 (MP3, 33 min, 37.5 MB)

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