Short Visits at the Bullock Permaculture Farm

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are no longer taking weekend visitors at the farm. The information below is arhival in nature.

We welcome many short-term visitors to our homestead throughout the growing season. We use the months of December - February as a rest period so we do not host visitors then. If you'd like to arrange a visit we ask that visitors arrive on a Friday or Saturday and they may stay until Monday evening (many of us are off-site Tues-Thurs and there may be no one here to guide you on those days). Plan to camp as we have no indoor space available. Also note that we only host a limited number of visitors each weekend so please make your arrangments well ahead of time. Please make sure to let us know if your plans change so we can arrange for other visitors to come.

Visitors are expected to jump into farm life while staying with us. All the chores and activities the Skill Builder Apprentices and residents partake in, will be yours to share (e.g. project involvement, harvesting, cooking, cleaning, etc.). We're not the place to come to hang out, watch us work, eat our fruit, and tell us how cool it is.

All the bulk food in the outdoor kitchen is paid for by the people living here and sharing this kitchen. We generally ask for a small per person per day donation to help cover the costs of food and propane, as we feed you from our home. If you are unable to pull money from your pockets, please speak to us and we will work it out. Short-term visits are not available during our courses and workshops. NO DOGS PLEASE! Contact us at for details. Please include a phone number where we can reach you with your correspondance.

For Large Groups: We host a limited number of large groups each year. Tours and work projects can be arranged. If you'd like to bring a large group (7+) for an overnight stay drop us a line and we can let you know our availability.

During those courses we are unable to accommodate visitors. Please select a different weekend before you contact us.


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