I stayed 6 months at the Bullock's homestead for the spring and summer of 2005. I had had some farming experience before and going to the bullocks was the logical choice to continue my learning path.

I learned all the things I expected to like energy systems, passive solar, gardening, construction, irrigation and so much more... I learned how important people are to me. It was wonderful to be with people who understood me, helped me, shared with me and wanted to create good things. My most important community experience of my life began at the Bullocks.

I'm still on my little trail of permaculture, sharing with people and helping a permaculture project and community in Wisconsin.

Sophie Colin-Smith
Poitiers, France

I lived at the Bullocks' homestead for nearly two years, in '02 and '03. I decided to go because I was frustrated with the lifestyle examples I was offered: back-busting organic farming or heart-wrenching land use activism. I needed to learn both new sustainability skills and how to live a lifestyle that nourishes me.

I found all that, and more. Much of my idealism became grounded; I learned what it actually takes to feed a community, fix a greywater system, or wire a solar panel. I now feel confident knowing the basics of what each component of a homestead needs, and thus how to fit them together. Though I have Much more to learn about specifics of many systems, I now know where to find that information. My relationship with the Bullocks continually inspires and challenges me to grow.

After leaving, I applied the skills I learned to an urban setting, tying permaculture to community activism in the city. I became heavily involved with the Seattle Permaculture Guild, the Wise Earth Ecological Land Trust, and the Seattle Tilth Association. I have now returned to my hometown of Puyallup where I hope to put down deep roots and for the rest of my life be a voice of compassion and inspiration in this community. I owe much to the Bullocks for helping me know what is possible.

Kelda Miller
Puyallup, Washington

I recently graduated from the Evergreen State College, where I studied sustainable agriculture. I had heard of the Bullocks farm from several friends and decided, based on their reputation, to take one of their courses.

I took the May 25-27, 2007 Introduction to Permaculture Workshop at the Bullocks Farm and I am so glad that I did. It was a wonderful weekend complete with great food, interesting people, and beautiful land. The whole weekend was packed with information and activities to satisfy all levels of interest. Though I already knew the basic principles of permaculture there was a tremendous amount to learn and get excited about. This experience really instilled in me the importance and relevance of permaculture to today's society.

I hope that I have the opportunity to learn more from the Bullocks in the future. I am excited to pursue an skill building position on their farm, or maybe take a design course with them next summer. I would highly recommend visiting and learning from the Bullocks.

Carley Willams
Seattle, Washington


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